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Where dogs make a difference

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Making A Difference For Climate Change - Our Dog Collars and Leashes

Eco friendly dog collars

At Doggy Eco we are turning the tide on plastic waste by converting discarded plastic bottles into our Eco Yarn which is then used to create the high tensile fabric in our collars, leashes and toys. Discover how your dog is making a difference for climate change - click the video above.

Creating a circular economy

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Sustainable Choice

Our Story

Doggy Eco was born in 2019 combining a personal passion for the environement, a love for our dogs and a vision to create a better future for the next generation.

Whilst on holidays with our dogs we came to the realisation that a
lot of the equipment we were using to enjoy our adventures were not eco friendly and was causing long term damage to the amazing beaches and hikes that we were enjoying.

Hence Doggy Eco began, a journey to design high quality eco friendly toys and accessories to enable dogs and doglovers to live their sustainability values and make a difference for climate change.

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