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Who We Are

We are dog lovers who believe that the best thing about being dog owners is the joy in creating amazing memories. Every walk is an exploration, every backyard to be pioneered and every car trip treasured. We believe that your dog deserves dependable, sustainable, quality pet gear purpose built for the Australian outdoors to make your adventures even more memorable. Doggy Eco makes memories by supplying you with innovative and sustainable petwear and toys purpose built for a lifetime of adventure.

How Doggy Eco Began

In 2019 my husband and I escaped our 9-5 jobs for a short holiday at the Sunshine Coast. Whenever we get away we rent a pet friendly house and take our dogs along with us so they can holiday too. We love to enjoy the outdoors with our dogs but what we love most is making life long memories in our outings at the beach, cafes, hiking trails and social outings. I’m sure your the same with your dog on holidays.

On this particular holiday three brands were created, Doggy Hampers which makes memories through the act or gift giving, Doggy Nourish which makes memories through social outings with your dog and Doggy Eco which creates innovative and sustainable Eco friendly Dog Toys and accessories to enhance Adventures with your dog.

It was enlightening for us to learn that over 8 million tons of plastic is dumped in our oceans every year. This plastic kills wildlife, clogs waterways, suffocates natural eco systems and contributes to an ever increasing global waste problem. We also learnt that there are more pet dogs in Australia than there are children and that over 90% of Australian consumers will chose an eco-friendly alternative over a disposable one. These two consumer trends  made us realise dog ownership can be more than just making memories it can change the world at the same time.

Each Doggy Eco product is personally designed by us and is rigorously tested by Odin and Rosie to ensure the quality and longevity of each item. After all, we believe that choosing eco friendly should never be a compromise on cost or quality!

Doggy Eco has already received national and international recognition as being a pioneer in sustainable petwear. We are excited for what the future holds for this unique brand and look forward to sharing the adventure ahead with you.

Dog at Beach with an environmentally friendly Dog Collar

The Doggy Eco Mission

Doggy Eco products are a refreshed look at what it means to be sustainable. Our mission is the create Eco Friendly, Durable, Dependable and Functional petwear designed for Active Dogs to inspire the adventurer in all of us, Dog and Dog Owner alike.

Sustainability lies at the heart of what we do, from the materials we use to the people who help us create our products. To learn more about the origins of our products and what’s new in sustainable petwear, check out our Eco Den!

Australian Designed, Owned and Tested

Doggy Eco is proud to be a family run Australian business. Each of our products are tried and tested by Aussie Dogs to resist a range of Australian landscapes, to enhance play and allow you to create lifelong memories with your dog.

About us

Our Other Projects

BUT…. We don’t stop there. Our other projects also include Doggy Hampers and Doggy Nourish. Where making memories with your dog continues through gift giving and social outings. For us at Doggy Eco dog ownership is about placing greater value on the moments you spend with your dog to make those moments an amazing memory!

About Us