Doggy Eco Memberships

We realise that there is a lot of noise when it comes to choosing eco friendly products. The onus is on the consumer to validate a companies claims rather than on the company to prove their claims. And in all honesty, who has time to validate each of the brands you use just to check the sustainable value of a product?

This is where a membership cuts through the confusion and helps you make informed decisions. Doggy Eco is a Foundation Member of Sustainable Choice who are a 100% independant and privately owned web service designed to help decode sustainability messaging and empower informed consumer choice.

Doggy Eco chose to become a member of Sustainable Choice to provide our clients confidence in our products and processes. By having a third party validate our claims and certifications, allows us to live up to our commitment of Transparency.

You can view our listing on Sustainable Choice by clicking the button below.

Sustainable Choice