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Dog Collar "BFF" Made from Recycled Plastic Bottles – Water Resistant – Strong and Durable

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Doggy Eco Leashes and Collars are pioneering the way in recycled consumer pet accessories. Made from recycled plastic bottles fashioned into a High tensile, durable, flexible, superior strength fabric styled into unique designs exclusive to Doggy Eco. 100% water resistant non absorbent material means yard play, bath time, walks or adventure outings this collar will retain its structure and strength and not deteriorate over time. The high tensile woven yarn is totally stretch, warp and stain resistant, remaining flexible and comfortable for your dog no matter what adventures are planned for the day. Our mission is to create Durable, Dependable and Functional petwear Designed for Active Dogs to inspire the adventurer in all of us Dog and Dog Owner alike. All of our products are Tried and Tested by Aussie Dogs set to resist a range of Australian landscapes to enhance play and comfort for your dog all the while create lifelong memories.


STRONG –Problem plastics repurposed into high tensile superior grade yarn woven into a high tensile fabric. Global problem of plastic pollution meets beautiful solution of designer petwear!

PRACTICAL – Totally water impermeable, quick drying, non-absorbent yarn so that your dog can transition from beach fun or bath time without need for removing collar. This means collars are easy to clean with no chance of collar reshaping when wet or producing a wet slow drying ring or stain around your dogs neck. This means leash is easy to clean with no chance of reshaping, stretching or wearing out when wet and is 100% machine washable and won’t degrade over time.

ADJUSTABLE and FLEXIBLE DESIGN – Sophisticated design in three sizes fits small dogs, medium dogs or large dogs allowing room for growth. Material shapes to dogs neckline for comfort while sitting, laying, sleeping, running or playing.

LONG LASTING This unique material is as strong or stronger than a standard polyester due to the high volume weave count.

STYLISH DESIGN: The unique design and materials make this leash an excellent dog gift idea as it offers quality and detailed close stitching offering a lifetime of adventure. Quality and detailed close stitching created for a lifetime of adventure


“BFF” comes in three sizes. Simply measure around your dog’s neck for the correct size.

S      22-37cm     (1.5cm wide)

M      32-56cm     (2cm wide)

L      47-77cm     (2.5cm wide)