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Dog Leash "OZ Adventure" Made from Recycled Plastic

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Recyclable GRS Certificate: CU842484GRS-01.2017

Doggy Eco collars and leashes are pioneering the way in recycled pet accessories. Our collars and leashes are made from post consumer recycled plastic which has been diverted from oceans and landfill.

The recycled plastic is collected and placed through a conversion process to produce our Eco Yarn, a durable high tensile fabric used to create the exclusive designs you will find in our collars and leashes. Recycled plastic provides a great textile choice for dog collars and leashes as it is durable, flexible and water resistant.

Our high tensile Eco Yarn produced from post consumer recycled plastic is totally stretch, warp and stain resistant, remaining flexible and comfortable for your dog no matter what adventures are planned for the day.

Disposal: When your collars and leashes have outlived their usefulness simply cut off the stainless steel buckles to separate the metal from the leash and place both components into your household recycling.

Quick Facts: Made From: Post consumer recycled plastic (GRS Certificate CU842484GRS-01.2017)

Made In: China

Size: Small, Medium, Large

  • S 100cm length (1.5cm wide)
  • M 120cm length (2.0cm wide)
  • L 135cm length (2.5cm wide)

Colours: Troppo, Soda, BFF, OZ Adventure, Bunji (Mate), Bondi