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Eco Ball - Eco Friendly Dog Ball - Non Abrasive Non Toxic - Green and Yellow 3pk

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The Doggy Eco - Eco ball has been designed for the adventure dog to change the way we think about play. The eco ball has a very unique composition of compounded New Zealand sheep wool makes it a truly sustainable and eco friendly product while also being soft and non abrasive on teeth.

The eco ball can absorb water making it heavy so it can be thrown as far or further than a tennis ball however it is 100% non toxic making it a safe and sustainable choice as a dog throwing toy. The Eco ball is soft to touch and can be gripped in the mouth of all dog sizes. The compounded and solid nature of the eco ball means it lasts longer than a generic tennis ball as it can withstand bites and tough chewers.

Under supervised play your new eco ball will outlast any tennis ball and offer your dog a unique experience while playing fetch. Our mission is to create Durable, Dependable and Functional petwear Designed for Active Dogs to inspire the adventurer in all of us Dog and Dog Owner alike. All of our products are Tried and Tested by Aussie Dogs set to resist a range of Australian landscapes to enhance play and comfort for your dog all the while create lifelong memories.

VERSATILE – Can be used for light play or active throwing and chasing. Eco Balls are water absorbent allowing the wet ball to be heavier and throw further. The unique and specially designed composition allows the ball to be gripped in the mouth of all dog sizes without affecting the integrity of the ball shape.

TOXIN FREE –Totally natural compounded New Zealand sheep wool coloured with toxin free dye. 100% biodegradable made from natural non allergenic material.

SUITABLE & SAFE - For all small dogs, medium dogs and large dogs. Eco Balls are 7cm in diameter and their material allows it to be gripped by small or large mouths. Non slippery surface makes it non -abrasive on dog teeth. Differs to tennis balls which are not designed for dog play and are toxic and abrasive on teeth

FASHIONABLE – Bright and exclusive designs unique to Doggy Eco– Eco-Friendly doesn’t mean boring!

LONG LASTING Each ball is compounded under intense pressure making the finished product a solid material, unlike a generic tennis ball, the eco ball isbite resistant under supervised play, yet is un-abrasive so won’t damage dogs teeth.

Key Features:


Doggy Eco balls can be used dry for gentle play. If your pup is a bit more boisterous, try wetting the ball to make it heavier and throw as a normal ball.

Size: Comes in a pack of 3 balls.

Colour: Green and Yellow.