Become Ocean Waste Plastic Neutral... By Drinking The Hidden Sea Wine

Become Ocean Waste Plastic Neutral... By Drinking The Hidden Sea Wine

We all love a glass of wine when sitting back at the end of the day with our dogs on a dog friendly outing. But did you know that now you can combine your love of wine with your eco ethos? Here’s how you can become plastic neutral by drinking The Hidden Sea wine.

Who is The Hidden Sea?

The Hidden Sea Wine exists for socially conscious consumers who love great tasting wine, and want to feel a part of something bigger than themselves. For every bottle of wine sold, The Hidden Sea will remove 10 plastic bottles from oceans and rivers.

Their goal is to remove 1 billion single use plastic bottles from the ocean by 2030.

The math to becoming ocean waste plastic neutral

The average person discards 57.183kg of plastic every year. 3% of that plastic winds up in the ocean every year. This means that the average person adds 1.716kg of plastic to the ocean every year.

The Hidden Sea recycles and removes 60 plastic bottles from oceans and rivers with every case of wine that they sell. This means that by buying 2 cases of wine each year, you can remove 120 bottles of plastic from the oceans. This plastic weighs approximately 2kg which means that by the end of the year, you can be plastic neutral for one year!

Take me on a dog adventure with The Hidden Sea

So the next time you’re planning a dog friendly outing or dog camping adventure and want some bubbles for the journey, take a look at what The Hidden Sea has to offer for your dog adventure and become plastic neutral in the process.

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