Made from recycled plastic diverted from landfill. Give me another chance!

Play Dirty And Keep The Planet Clean

Is your dog a roll in the mud, scratch in the sand, jump in the dam kind of free spirit?

Most OZ dogs are... at least the kind we like to hang with!

Doggy Eco is purposefully designed to get dirty with your dog and withstand all of your adventures. Whether it's sun, surf or snow, we're here to play dirty in order to keep our planet clean.

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Our Poops Don't Stink

Are you sick of carrying your dog's poop when they they drop one miles from home and there's no bin in sight??? Poop happens but our custom designed Utility Poop Bag Dispensers are especially designed to hold your used poop bags securely in place so you will never have to carry it ever again! Plus they are made from recycled plastic so your dog can help keep the planet clean.

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Eco Friendly Dog Toys + Accessories

Eco Friendly Dog Toys

Eco Friendly Dog Toys

Doggy Eco sustainable dog toys are designed in Australia to travel with... 

Wholesome Dog Treats

Wholesome Dog Treats

Treat your dog to a little extra love by sharing in some... 

Sustainable Heroes

At Doggy Eco we believe that cleaning the planet is a collaborative effort. It takes encouragement, team work and commitment but by joining together in a global response, each person doing their part, we can combine our efforts and clean our planet for a better future. Check out our likeminded sustainable heroes and start your eco adventure today!

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