How We Operate

What does it mean to manufacture Eco Friendly Dog Adventure Gear? We believe there is a lot of confusion when it comes to what it means to be eco friendly. Of course, this situation isn’t helped with large companies “greenwashing” consumers with natural colours and carefully curated words that only adds to the noise. To keep it simple, we have a few basic rules we follow when it comes to the manufacturing of our products.

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Be Transparent

All Doggy Eco products come with certifications that prove they are what we say they are. We are also blatantly honest about who makes our products and can provide a clear process of our supply chain from manufacturing, to consuming, to disposal at the end of the products life.

Do The Best With What We Have

We admit that there are limitations when it comes to manufacturing eco friendly products within Australia. We cannot change this (yet) so we make the best with what we have available. We choose materials that are going to be durable for their purpose and recycle them for future use. We also ship all of our parcels in recyclable or compostable packaging.

Leave Tomorrow Better Than Today

We believe that it’s not enough to maintain a status quo. We need to do more to improve our earth for tomorrow. For this reason we have partnered with Eden Reforestation to plant a tree with every order made through our website. As well as this, we also offer our own Doggy Eco Recycling Program where you can send us your old dog toys and accessories to be recycled while receiving a $15 discount on your next purchase.

Closing The Loop

Doggy Eco is committed to closing the loop when it comes to the production and use of our products. After all, what’s the use in making an eco friendly dog collar or sustainable dog toy if it can’t be repurposed again?

With all of our products we like to consider The Three P’s – People, Planet and Purpose. This means that we pay close consideration to the virgin material we use, the people who produce our products and the processes they use, the longevity of each product once it is in your hands, and the end use of the product once it’s life as a dog toy or accessory has come to an end.

Some products, such as our Eco Ball, are designed with a Circular Economy model which means that the product can naturally break down in compost at the end of it’s life so there is no need to recycle or dispose of your product. However this is not the case for all products which is why Doggy Eco has partnered with TerraCycle to close the loop on waste associated with our products.

With every product we sell through our website, you have the option to return this product to us at the end of it's life and receive a $15 discount on your next order. For more information on Doggy Eco recycling, click the button below.

Doggy Eco Recycling

Replanting The Future

Doggy Eco has chosen to partner with Eden Reforestation Projects to plant one tree for every order made through our website. Eden Reforestation Projects have planted 977 million trees to date! They work in forests across 10 different countries in Africa, Indonesia and South America and provide fair wages and jobs to local communities, teaching them skills to maintain the forests for future generations. We believe that trees play an integral part to the health and wellbeing of our planet and feel honoured to play our part in contributing to a healthier earth.

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