The Best 5 Dog Beaches In Australia With Calm Water

The Best 5 Dog Beaches In Australia With Calm Water

Australia is blessed to offer a wide array of dog friendly beaches however not every beach is suitable for every pup. We’ve handpicked the best 5 dog beaches to visit in Australia with calm waters so you don’t have to stress about your pups safety whilst they’re enjoying hours of fun in the sand and sea.

Moffatt Beach, Sunshine Coast, QLD

Moffatt Beach is located on the Sunshine Coast in QLD. This is a favourite with locals and it’s not hard to see why. Moffatt Beach has parking available with easy access to the beach. You can choose to take your pup to the rolling surf or if you prefer something a little quieter there is a safe and calm inlet to enjoy a relaxed swim. Go for a walk 100m up the road and you will be welcomed into an award winning selection of café’s and bars to enjoy a lunch with your pup while overlooking the sea. If you’re feeling a little full after lunch, take a stroll around the headland and absorb the beautiful coastal views.

Sirius Cove Reserve, Mosman, NSW

This hidden gem is the perfect secluded sanctuary for all dogs big and small. It has a park and playground adjacent so it’s the perfect spot to bring the whole family and enjoy a picnic or BBQ while your pup swims. There’s also a walking trail heading east to Taronga Zoo and Chowder Bay. As this beach is part of the Sirius Cove Reserve, it comes with some restrictions. Dogs are welcomed off leash all day Monday to Friday. On the weekends and public holidays off leash hours are restricted to off peak periods either before 9am or after 4pm.

St Kilda Dog Beach, Melbourne, VIC

This iconic beach in Melbourne offers beautiful stretches of sandy beaches lined by a pathway and park and within a stone’s throw of Pet Friendly Cafes and Dining. The sandbars off the coast prevent the water becoming too deep so it is a lovely safe beach for all pups to enjoy. Dogs are welcomed off leash anytime between Brooks Jetty and the northern end of the car park towards St Kilda. Outside of this are may have time restrictions so check council website if you are wanting to venture further.  

O’Sullivan’s Dog Beach, Adelaide, SA

This 1km stretch of dog beach is located 30km south of Adelaide and is a popular daytrip for local pups. Dogs are permitted off leash anytime between Selway Terrace down to the northern side of Heather Street however they must be kept under control at all times, check council website for restrictions.

Muir’s Beach, Coles Bay, TAS

Muir’s Beach is a stunning dog friendly beach in Tasmania offering spectacular sunsets and an unrivalled beach walk with The Hazards as your backdrop. There are pet friendly cafes and bakery nearby to enjoy a snack with your pup after your walk. Things to be mindful of when visiting Muir’s Beach that between December 1st and March 1st the first 200m of beach is an on leash area. After this you can let your pup off leash to frolic and play, just don’t let them head to the sand dunes as these are off limit at all times.

Tips for visiting dog friendly beaches

  • Make sure you take extra litter bags. Although most councils offer this, they are not always readily available.
  • Make sure your pup is registered with council and wearing ID
  • Although beaches may list an area as “off leash”, this does not mean “out of control”. Keep an eye on what your pup is doing and make sure they have a good recall.
  • Consider the time of day when visiting the beach. If it’s hot for you, it’s hot for your pup. Ensure they have access to plenty of water and be mindful of their paws in the hot sand.
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