Amazing! Eco friendly dog accessories made from HEMP [Inside Peek]

Amazing! Eco friendly dog accessories made from HEMP [Inside Peek]

The Australian landscape is diverse and provides limitless adventures for you and your dog. From the outback, to rainforests, to beaches and hiking trails. There is always an adventure to have with your fur kid. Doggy Eco inspires adventure through our quality eco friendly dog accessories.


Multifunctionality is a key factor in our eco friendly dog accessories. As a result the eco robe has multiple uses as a robe for active dogs, to regulate temperature or sun protection for short haired breeds. Textile, style, cut, design and stitching make the hemp eco robe a quality dog accessory. Advanced water wicking, UV protection, super strength and durability are some amazing properties to complement the design brief.

Doggy Eco Hemp Robe with recycled plastic bottle straps

The Doggy Eco design team have made a hemp robe specifically for the active dog. Research indicated an absence of multifunction robes for active dogs. To cater for this absence the Doggy Eco – Eco Robe has high cut sides to maximise mobility ensuring freedom of movement. The Doggy Eco design team considered a variety of textiles selecting a hemp and cotton blend as a preferential textile.

Design requirements included:

  • Temperature regulation
  • All components of textile and design to have an eco friendly/ sustainability considerations
  • To be suitable for active dogs
  • Easy to take on and off
  • Sun Protection
  • Temperature regulation


Hemp is one of the oldest clothing textiles. Our research into hemp revealed it is a very impressive textile that is also a very eco friendly crop to produce. From a commercial production perspective hemp is more expensive and more coarse as a textile. It is however is vastly more eco friendly to produce than cotton. As a result a hemp/cotton blended textile provided the best balance for the eco robes.


Fantastic MOISTURE RETENTION PROPERTIES. Hemp wicks and holds water better than cotton. Wicking means your Eco Robe will be more efficient in drying your dog. The Eco robe is also much less prone to fading than cotton robes due to this retention characteristic.

Superior STRENGTH. Hemp is the strongest natural textile material with limited warp and stretch. The eco robe is suitable for rough and active dogs.

WEATHER REISTANCE properties. Hemp is an excellent material for outdoor use as it is both mould and UV resistant. The eco robe is a safe choice for dog’s with short coats or sun sensitivity. Hemp’s UV resistance and thermal regulation properties make it a great choice for beach trips.


Hemp uses exponentially less water to produce than cotton. By volume and area and takes up less room as a crop. Hemp is a tall and thin plant in comparison to cotton. Cotton spreads out as a shrub taking up more agricultural land.

Hemp is used as an eco friendly textile by Doggy Eco

No pesticides are required for Hemp in contrast to cotton which is responsible for around 25% of the worlds pesticide problem. Unlike cotton hemp is a renewable crop in that it will continue its growth cycle after harvesting. This renewability is important in terms of impacts on preparing and establishing soils for the planting of new crops.

The Doggy Eco hemp robe has been tested by a variety of breeds and different sized dogs at the beach, on social outings and used in play. The Doggy Eco hemp robe was also featured in the Australian Dog Lover Magazine – Top 16 Summer Dog Products in 2020.

Australian Dog Lover Magazine

The Australian Dog lover has featured the Doggy Eco – Eco Robe in 2020

Doggy Eco produces a range of collars and leads made from recycled plastic bottles. Adjustable belly straps made from recycled plastic design ‘troppo’ finish the robe in a unique and customised eco chic style.

We want our customers to know that that Eco Friendly dog accessories do not mean a compromise on cost or quality. Would we use hemp again despite it taking 10 months to test and find the right Hemp & Cotton blend.

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If Hemp has all these amazing properties why aren’t we using more regularly? Hemp is a species of Cannabis and became outlawed in the 20th century with the criminalisation of Marijuana. It is more expensive to produce a hemp textile in setting up processes to replace an already established cotton production.

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