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Crunch N Cuddle - Multi-Function - Eco Friendly - Dog Toy (Pineapple)

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The Crunch N Cuddle is the ultimate versatile eco friendly toy for your pup!

The Crunch N Cuddle is a reflection of all the great activities you love to do with your dog. It can be used as a crunch toy that can sink or float depending on what you insert in the pouch making it a great fetch toy in the water, or at the beach and park. It can be used as a Cuddle toy by inserting some of your worn clothing inside offering your dog comfort while you are away at work. Or it can be used as a Play toy for tugging with the stitched handle. The multi-functionality means it is an excellent gift as it caters for a variety of dog breeds, sizes and interests.

Our mission is to create Durable, Dependable and Functional petwear Designed for Active Dogs to inspire the adventurer in all of us Dog and Dog Owner alike. All of our products are Tried and Tested by Aussie Dogs set to resist a range of Australian landscapes to enhance play and comfort for your dog all the while create lifelong memories.

Designed for 3 uses:

        • Interactive tug toy
        • Crinkle play toy
        • Comfort toy

Fill the Crunch N Cuddle with a used plastic bottle and hear it crinkle n pop as your dog is encouraged to chew! Or fill it with some scented fabric or clothing to give your pup some extra comfort. This is a great option for bringing a new puppy home, simply fill the Crunch N Cuddle with some fabric scented from your pups mum and help them settle with ease into their new home. This is also a great option to assist your dog with separation anxiety when you leave the house. Fill the Crunch N Cuddle with an old t-shirt to allow your pup to carry your scent all day in your absence. The reinforced stitching on the large tug handle will ensure you can interact with your pup in a game of tug for hours!

Product Features:

        • Durable fabric made from recycled plastic bottles
        • Measures 32cm long
        • Tug handle 24cm circumference
        • Large velcro seal to ensure contents remain in the toy
        • Reinforced stitching on the handle

MULTI FUNCTION – Crunch Cuddle and Crinkle is a multi-function dog toy. Insert an empty plastic bottle for a Crunch or floating toy. Fill a plastic bottle with water and use as a throw and fetch toy. Insert a piece of your clothing to be used as Comfort Toy or use the handle to play a game of Tug.

DURABLE – Material is made from recycled plastic bottles fashioned into a high tensile pliable material yarn that is woven into a superior strength, flexible fabric. Material is machine washable without losing colour, shape or structure making it a very reliable dog toy.

FASHIONABLE Two colourful designs unique to Doggy Eco means your fur kid will have the most unique and stylish dog toy

PRACTICAL – Every dog has a favourite toy. The multi functionality of the Crunch Cuddle and Crinkle makes it an excellent gift idea for any breed, interest or size of dog.

BITE RESISTANT - Tear resistant fabric which is also soft on teeth as opposed to hard plastic or rubber dog balls. Tried and tested for all Australian Conditions and dog sizes Doggy Eco Crunch, Cuddle and Crinkle is both a practical, multi-function and environmentally sustainable product making it the ultimate dog toy.