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Recycled Plastic Dog Toy Crunch & Cuddle “Australiana”

Recycled Plastic Dog Toy Crunch & Cuddle “Australiana”

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Recyclable Global Recycling Standard Certificate: S57823-G4-2021-00311500

The Crunch & Cuddle is a reflection of all the great activities you love to do with your dog and is the ultimate versatile eco friendly dog toy. It can be used as a Crunch toy that can sink or float depending on what you insert into the pouch making it a great fetch toy in the water, or at the beach and park. It can be used as a Cuddle toy by inserting some of your worn clothing inside offering your dog comfort while you are away from home. Or it can be used as a Play toy for tugging with the stitched handle.

The multi-functionality means that you can enjoy multiple uses with one versatile toy, plus it caters for a variety of dog breeds, sizes and interests.

Designed for 3 uses:

Interactive tug toy

Fill the Crunch & Cuddle with a used plastic bottle or rag. The reinforced stitching on the large tug handle will ensure you can interact with your pup in a game of tug for hours.

Crunch play toy

Fill the Crunch & Cuddle with a used plastic bottle and hear it crinkle n pop as your dog is stimulated and encouraged to chew.

Cuddle and comfort toy

Fill the Crunch & Cuddle with a piece of fabric or clothing to give your dog some extra comfort. This is a great option for bringing a new puppy home, simply fill the Crunch & Cuddle with some fabric scented from your pup’s mum and help them settle with ease into their new home. This is also a great option to assist your dog with separation anxiety when you leave the house. Fill the Crunch & Cuddle with an old t-shirt to allow your dog to carry your scent all day in your absence.

The Crunch & Cuddle recycled plastic dog toy is made from post consumer recycled plastic which has been diverted from oceans and landfill. The recycled plastic is collected and placed through a conversion process to produce our Eco Yarn, a durable high tensile fabric used to create the exclusive designs you will find in each of our Crunch & Cuddle toys.


When your Crunch & Cuddle has outlived its usefulness as a dog toy it can be disposed of as outlined below:

  • Tag – cut off the cotton tag and pace in general waste
  • Fabric – the rest of the toy can be placed in plastic recycling

Quick Facts:

Made From: Post consumer recycled plastic (Global Recycling Standard Certificate: S57823-G4-2021-00311500)

Made In: China

Colours: Pineapple, Geometric, Australiana, Beach Fun


Made from post consumer recycled plastic

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Machine washable

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Turning The Tide On Plastic Waste

At Doggy Eco we are turning the tide on plastic waste by converting discarded plastic waste into our Eco Yarn which is then used to create the high tensile fabric in our eco friendly dog collars, leashes and toys.

In Australia, we consume an estimated 3.5 million tonnes of plastic each year. One third of this is single use plastic with 130,000 tonnes estimated to leak into our marine environment each year (WWF Australia).

This has a devastating affect on our marine life, our reef systems and global ocean health.

By repurposing discarded plastic waste into our eco friendly dog collars, leashes and toys, we can improve our carbon footprint and close the loop on waste at the same time.

To discover how your dog is making a difference for climate change, click the video above.